My Story - Emma Herbert Vickers

I was born into a creative family.With a film director for a father, a great uncle in the WWII Berlin cabaret scene and my mother a skilled horsewoman, I grew up in a home full of art, sculpture, actors and performers.

Inspired to be a performer myself, I forged my own route at age 17. I grew up fast, living with punks in the anarchistic Lower East Side of NYC, and then joined the ground-breaking sculpture/performance/rave collective, the Mutoid Waste Company in 1990. We toured Europe, organising Europe’s biggest parties, and I was involved in every aspect from large-scale sculptures, event production and performance.


I went on to train intensively at London’s National Centre for Circus Arts, and became a skilled aerialist. Work included performing for The Generating Company with two seasons at Ibiza’s ‘Manumission’, their show 'Storm' at the Barbican Theatre and the German ‘Audi A8’ tour, various European clubs and tours, and as lead aerialist and performer for Australia’s Weber Bros Circus. Gaining citizenship in New Zealand through my circus work, I worked for Splore Festival of music, art and performance, co-creating and producing their first ever Cabaret tent. I created and produced ‘Ruby Island Circus’ for Wanakafest (also introducing a Kids Tent and Circus workshops), created a themed concept for NZ’s ‘Passion for Fashion’ show, and produced the sell-out ‘Ruby Island Cabaret’.

Relocating to England in 2012, and based in Brighton, my passion continued for creating unique performance concepts for events and clubs in London and the South. Clients included Love Brunch, Neverbland, Roast and The Imaginarium Film Studios.


Returning to live in NZ in 2016, I continue to work for Splore Festival, programming and designing dance, circus, and performance across 3 days. The Saturday night Cabaret has become legendary. Other Festivals include; Rhythm & Alps, Tuki Festival, Auckland Pride, Auckland Arts Festival, LUMA Queenstown, Festival of Colour and the Right Royal Cabaret Festival.