Fantail works closely with the client from the first instant; discussing, creating and refining ideas into a final concept for all entertainment and visual aspects of an event.
Fantail won't send clients down aisles of acts to fill their own shopping baskets! Emma meticulously select the best acts for the event, choreograph the flow; ensuring cohesion - aesthetically and physically, creating a uniquely theatrical and entertaining experience. Emma is constantly inspired by the ever higher skill-level of circus and street acrobats and will always source the freshest acts for your event. Fantail look forward to discussing your ideas. Contact us now



Fantail can help you with every aspect of your Festival, whether for a 3-day Weekend or a Private Celebration. Emma will source the best of everything, from Performance, Cabaret and Kids' Activities to glamping, facilities and catering.


Fantail understands the rhythm and flow of a nightclub. Emma loves to provide performers who work well in this environment and play to the energy of the crowd. Cyr wheel, trapeze, contortion... animate your night with acrobats!

Corporate parties

Fantail works to highlight and promote your brand/product using performance and visual aesthetics. Emma will also help you celebrate your clients and staff by making your parties unforgettable and fun!

Private parties and events

Fantail works closely with clients, tailoring unique entertainment and concept creation for all types of venues and events, using only the most professional and talented of acts. Emma is sensitive to the requirements of security and privacy for our private clients.

Fantail - Collaboration and Programming

Fantail co-conceptualises and co-develops event-specific performance. Fantail curates performance programmes for Festivals in Aotearoa New Zealand.

SPLORE Festival

A long-time partnership between Emma and Splore Festival of Music and Arts has seen its performing arts programme grow to become the most well-known of its kind in the country. This abundance of performance across the 3-day weekend has significantly contributed to the diverse, multiple layers that give Splore its unique richness.

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SPLORE Festival

Rhythm & Alps

Emma has worked with the 3 night New Year’s music Festival in NZ’s Cardrona Valley, since 2018. Understanding the demographic was key to creating content to heighten the crowd’s overall experience. Adding roving characters to interact with guests, and animating the DJ stage with pole dancers, aerialists, acrobats,and fire performers added an essential layer to the event.

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Rhythm & Alps light show


A night-time midwinter Festival of Lights, in Queenstown’s Queen’s Gardens. An expansive exhibition of light sculptures and installations. Adding layers to this is music and performance, utilising the natural setting of landscaping, lake, park features and pine forest. Each year we design performance to enhance and animate the artworks, for a variable demographic.

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2022 saw Fantail collaborate to animate the backstreets of downtown Queenstown, creating a deeply immersive experience within the narrow lanes. A creative team with a broad spectrum of talents, we combined soundscapes, video-mapping, lasers, hazers, characters, wall-dancers and artworks to build three ‘worlds’.

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The Ballyhoo and Freaxpo -

Marvels of Modern Medicine

In 2023 Emma worked to a ‘travelling circus’ brief. She transformed the Victorian band rotunda into the roustabouts’ domain. Draped in vintage red velvet salvaged from a Speigeltent, a commissioned multi-faceted mirror mobile and swags of rich Indian fabrics The Ballyhoo was a warmly inviting space into which a group of Irish musicians, a skilled magician and colourful characters invited public for a wild ‘gypsy’ dance, mind-bending magic and belly-laughs with the roustabouts.

In the ‘Light Circ’ zone, Emma commissioned and collaborated with performer/artist Paul Klaas to create a freakshow of modern-day mutants. These included the Unbelievable Untattooed Man, Balloon Lips and Tek-Nek. Freaxpo- Marvels of Modern Medicine- A highly engaging 15 min show with a humorous message.

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The Ballyhoo and Freaxpo