Sugar High Productions

Fantail Creative’s division of projects conceptualised and created by Emma in collaboration with other, outstanding creatives.


Synonymous with unique Cabarets, Sugar High’s rollercoaster of wild acts has gained a significant following, as its productions both challenge and entertain its audience.

Splore Festival Cabarets

A highlight of the festival, Saturday night’s extravaganza of outrageous talent explodes onto the ‘Naked Eye’ stage to a packed-out and costumed crowd. Different each year, the show can adapt to other venues / demographics / durations / budgets, or a new Cabaret can be designed to suit.

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Splore Festival Cabaret

Heavenly Bodies

Auckland Arts Festival brought an adapted version of Splore 2021’s cabaret to play 4 shows at the Civic Theatre, to critical acclaim. This iconic, ornate theatre was a dream stage, where our visual feast of acts proved that Cabaret has a place in one of the most important venues in the country.

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Truth & Lies

The Festival’s Artistic Director, Shona McCullough commissioned and collaborated with Sugar High Productions to write and produce a new Cabaret for Auckland Arts Festival 2022. Due to Covid restrictions a month before its premiere night, the show was cancelled.

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Truth & Lies

Absolutely! Cabaret

Splore 2023’s Cabaret was adapted and brought to the Right Royal Cabaret Festival at the TSB Showplace Theatre Royal in June 2023. It sold out, and was a critically acclaimed success.

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Absolutely! Cabaret


We love immersive theatre! Sugar High adds quirky experiential elements to events, encouraging an audience to be within a performance rather than simply an observer.

Inspired by the genre that has grown and evolved internationally, Europe and the US, from the tiny ‘Miniscule of Sound’ at Glastonbury Festival to the enormous and complex productions by Punchdrunk, and Barcelona’s ‘La Fura Dels Baus’.

The Minema

The World’s tiniest cinema! The Minema’s ‘Usherettes’ are diverse characters brought together in the belief that one day, David Lynch will grace their rickety cinema seats in their (very ‘faded glamour’) movie theatre. Deluded and over-excited, be drawn into their technicolour dreamworld where high ambition is tempered by lo-fi reality. The red carpet and a short film awaits within.

A 20 minute session that can run up to three times an hour, The Minema can set up and run either in its own ‘emperor’ bell tent or in various conventional or unconventional venues.

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The Not-Very-Big-Top

2024 will see the development of the World’s Tiniest Circus - With full-sized humans and circus props in a bell tent.

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The Ruby Princess - an infectious tale

(In Development)

In March 2020, Crew and guests aboard the cruise ship drink, dance and make merry while Covid is spreading like a tsunami. The Captain, and authorities onshore, are in denial as the sickness spreads but the show must go on. Become a guest in a sort of ‘murder-in-the dark’ evening of intrigue, comedy and drama on the high seas. The performance will transform buildings such as multi-storey carparks or empty warehouses.

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Emma is frequently motivated by compelling and often under-utilised locations. By building narrative and physical skills to bring these to life, engages both cast and audience in performance that is thought-provoking and fresh.

Live:Stream, Cross the Line,

Surface Tension

A bi-annual festival of the arts, Wānaka’s Festival of Colour provides opportunity for Sugar High Productions to create a site-specific performance that is free for the public. Working with Briony Martin and Nina Fischer of Centralpoint Dance Studios, Live:Stream, Cross the Line, and Surface Tension had casts of teenage dancers (and skateboarders in Cross the Line). Each choreography was inspired by the environment they were performed in; a river, the skate park and the marina pontoon. Engaging audiences with social commentary and impressive skills, both visitors and local community were brought together in these unusual locations.

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Cross the Line